Over 100 ejected tenants in Kumasi blame Adumhene for their woes

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Over hundred tenants have been rendered homeless at a house in Kumasi, Adum after they were ejected.

The affected tenants have accused Adumhene, Baffour Agyei Kesse IV of instructing the over 15 men to eject them from their rooms.

“We were here this early morning when the police came, entered our rooms and started bringing out our stuff, they have broken our windows and brought all our stuff out of the rooms”, one of the affected tenant lamented.

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Another tenant who said she wasn’t even home when they broke into her room and brought out her stuff.

“I came from the market and met about 15 heavily built men ransacking my room, I inquired and was told it was Adumhene who instructed them to come and evacuate us. Where do we go now, where do we take our kids to?” She asked sadly.

The exercise was under the supervision of about ten armed police officers.

The tenants claimed that they were not given prior notice before the ejection, but only woke up early Tuesday’s morning to witness the incident.


However one of them said some of them were given a month’s notice, but queried, “where were we going to get rooms to rent in a month”?

The victims say they have nowhere to go since their rent had not expired, and it was difficult for them to rent new accommodation because they have no money.

Source: Suraya Alidu Malititi | kapital971.com

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