18 club league is an illegality, we will resist it – Nana Oduru Sarfo

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A football administrator with Berekum Chelsea, Nana Oduru Sarfo has revealed his team will resist any attempt to ‘smuggle’ any team to the Ghana Premier League.

Media reports have indicated that there’s a proposal by some members of the executive committee of the Ghana Football Association (GFA) to increase the teams that are playing in the top flight.

This has not gone down well with the TP Mazembe representative to West Africa and he has vowed to ensure it doesn’t become a reality.

“In my perspective, I think there is nothing of that sort coming up because I don’t know how they are going to table that motion because they are to give us that proposal at least fourteen days ahead of congress and they haven’t so how are they going to table that proposal, it will not see the light”.

“I think it’s an illegality that people that people wants to smuggle into the league and we are going to resist it, if they want to do it their way, we also have our way of doing our things and it will crash and then the whole thing will escalate” He added.

Nana Oduru Sarfo questioned, “How can you promote the Tema Youth to the premiership? What was their position on the division one league? You cannot jump them from 5th or 4th to the premiership; it is not done so when you carry them up, then we are going to fight it”.

The proposal has become necessary due to the legal cases confronting the GFA disciplinary committee and if accepted could see Tema Youth and King Faisal taking part of the 2016/17 league season.

Source: Afia Acheampong | kapital971.com

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