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1. Never compete for a man’s attention with another woman. It’s a sign of immaturity.

2. A man should prove to you that he deserves to be with you and not you trying to prove to him.

3. A man shows his best qualities in the beginning. If his best isn’t good enough in the beginning, then he would never be good enough.

4. Never give up your friends for a man. They were with you before he came into your life and they will still be with you if he leaves.

5. Nagging solves nothing in a relationship.

6. It’s important to have standards as a woman. Men appreciate women with standards.

7. Never settle for just any man because you think you are single and need a man in your life. It’s better to be single than be in a bad relationship.

8. Your life should never revolve around a man. Maintain some independence in your relationship and your relationship will be better off for it.

9. Stop assuming he wants you. A man who wants you will make it known.

10. Be confident. There’s nothing sexier than a confident woman.

11. Don’t expect your first sex with him to be amazing. Sex gets better with time.

12. If you always complain about your man when with friends, then he’s not the one.

13. A man needs to hunt you and win you in order to value you. Let him chase you.

14. The hottest guy isn’t usually the greatest when it comes to relationships.

15. Always keep your man on his toes by holding a little back because a man will do anything for a woman until he realises he has her.

16. Treat your man how you want to be treated.

17. If your relationship makes you feel bad way more than it makes you feel great, end it.

18. Stop expecting your man to read your mind. If you need something from him, tell him.


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