The 2017 Budget: Expectations from the street

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Minister for Finance, Ken Ofori-Atta, is expected to deliver the first budget of President Akufo-Addo’s government in Parliament today, March 2, 2017.

President Akufo-Addo has assured Ghanaians that the first budget of his administration, will spell out well-thought through policies to put the ailing Ghanaian economy he inherited back on track.

He said it will contain policies that would strengthen the cedi, create jobs for the teeming unemployed youth, and ease challenges on private businesses in the country.

We hit the streets for expectations of the public as far as the 2017 budget is concerned.

Below are a few;

“The economy is not as it should be so we are expecting nothing but the best that will help the common Ghanaians to realise his or her aspirations in the country. So personally I am not expecting much than a budget that will be kind of feasible and then every Ghanaian will be able to enjoy”

“The previous government could not manage the economy well so most of the things that we buy have gone up so I’m praying that he will fix the economy by bringing out policies to make the economy boost.”

“I  want to know how they are going to resolve the power situation. How much they are going to commit into the budget for this Dumsor, Dumsor thing to cease.”

“Most of we the youth we’ve completed school without any proper work doing, we work for others and then our salaries don’t come as expected so we want hear more from the Fiance Minister.”

“My wish is that they bring our policies that will reduce the prices of goods on the market, especially for me and other traders, especially the cost of electricity and water is really killing us.”

My expectation is at the education aspect and health aspect because I know for sure and I  admit that the previous government wasn’t good at the health there are a lot of things that the insurance don’t cover.”

“The taxes, electricity, health and the financial status of the country should change.”

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