30 Ways to show your love (that don’t cost a thing)

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When a relationship is shiny and new, it’s easy to be intentional because you want to make sure they know you care and that you’re invested.

You want to show you’re interested in them and the things that matter to them. Over time, though, it can be easy to just assume they know you love them and stop showing your love in clear ways.

Here are 30 ways to show your love that don’t cost a thing! Reignite the flame and make it clear how much they mean to you.

Do the chores they hate.

Put your phone away when spending time with them.

Be their biggest cheerleader.

Go for a sunrise hike together.

Find things to do together that are new for both of you.

Watch a movie with them that they love but you don’t.

Take something off their busy plate.

Make their favorite meal.

Regularly talk about your problems and don’t be afraid to have differing opinions.

Make them a playlist of songs that remind you of them.

Tell them how much you appreciate them.

Hide notes for them to find throughout their day.

If you have kids, let them sleep in while you get the kiddos breakfast.

Call them midday to let them know you’re thinking of them.

Give them a massage.

Send spontaneous sappy text messages.

Show some PDA by slyly grabbing their hand as you’re strolling down the street.

Write them a love letter.

Explore a new part of your town or neighborhood together.

Be the one to initiate intimacy.

Let them teach you something new.

Surprise them at the airport instead of having them taxi home.

Post a sweet note about them on social media.

Work out together.

Ask how their day was.

Listen to them intently.

Take a drive together and discuss your dreams.

Enjoy a cozy night in together.

Make an at-home spa for them.

Make time for them in your schedule.

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