9 Signs You Might Be Bad In Bed

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Aaah sex talk! Don’t we all like to read about sex?! I do!

What qualifies one as ‘bad in bed’ and ‘good in bed’? I’m no Dr. Phil but some things are pretty obvious. We have all been in a situation where that moment of intimacy was awkward as hell; weird giggles, the squeaking of the bed, forced moans and expressions! If you haven’t been, it’s coming! And I write that in a very matter-of-factly tone!

Let’s get to the nitty gritty of the article. Shall we?

Below are signs you might be ‘bad’ in bed:

1. You’re afraid of taking charge

You just lie there like a dead coackroach, feet up…hey, you gotta take charge sometimes. One partner doesn’t have to be the one doing everything! It takes two to enjoy a great intimate session.

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2. You’re not willing to try new things in the bedroom

You are not open minded at all. We are not saying that you get things shoved in your you-know-where in the name of being a beast in bed…but at least be open minded enough to try out new things in the bedroom be it sex toys or new positions. Sometimes, taking the less traveled road will surprise you!

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3. Oral sex disgusts you

So how exactly will you get each other into the mood without foreplay?

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4. You don’t communicate with your partner

It’s good to have bedroom conversations. Tell your partner what you want, what you expect of them in the bedroom. Let your partner know what you like in bed. Talk openly, direct each other where necessary. Life is too short to withstand bad sex.

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5. You’re too self-conscious

You care too much about how your body looks without clothes on. You’re scared to turn the lights on, and the self-consciousness shows and it’s a turn-off. There’s nothing sexier than confidence. In Tyra Banks’ words, learn how to “rock your ugly” whether it’s a skin disease, cellulite or an ugly birthmark, rock it!

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6. Having the same sex routine

When couples get used to each other, the sex begins to become somewhat boring. You start repeating the same sex routine instead of spicing things up by trying different positions, different environments to get it on and all.

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7. You race to finish

Your goal is to get an orgasm and boom! Das it! Chill out, enjoy the intimate moment, enjoy your woman, feel her body, give her pleasure. There’s more to sex than just climaxing!

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8. You don’t cuddle after sex

You literally doze off or rush to clean up instead of savoring that magical after sex moment.

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9. You don’t pay attention to how you look

A little grooming and body hygiene helps! Also, women, invest in sexy lingerie. Don’t go to your man with a pair of stockings on your head, looking all grandma & shit; and men, trim your man parts. Ain’t nobody wants to take a trip ‘southwards’ when the area looks like the great Amazon!

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