‘Accuracy is better than speed’-EC urges the public to be calm

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The electoral commission’s chairperson, Charlotte Osei has urged the general public to exercise restraint as the EC diligently works to ensure a very credible result is issued out to the public.

Following the stretch of time and the long wait of the public as to who should be declared the winner of the 2016 elections, there were agitations especially among the members of the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP), calling on the EC to declare the winner of the election.

The situation pushed the EC to address the media and by extension the general public.

According to Madam Charlotte Osei, “the commission is of the view that yesterday [7th December, 2016] when we held our elections, we used a process that was very inclusive, very transparent, very credible and very legal and we would want to continue with that same spirit and with those same principles in the collation of results”.

She said therefore even though there is a bit of anxiety from the public for them to release the results, and “we have noted with concern that the two big political parties have held press conferences either stating that they’ve won or that they are ahead” but said they do not as a commission declare results based on the collation of political parties.

She reminded the public of what happened in previous elections that led to the declaration of the winner in 72 hours and even longer in the 2008 elections.

She disclosed that about 90,000 constituency results are have been given them but the various party agents are yet to sign since they [the agents] said they are waiting to compare the numbers with what they have on their pink sheets before signing, “so we are giving the agents a bit more time” to do so, though she added that the fact that the agents are yet to sign does not make the results any less credible.

The EC chair mentioned areas like Jaman North where elections just ended, Tema East, Bawku Central where she said voting is still ongoing and also the fact that they’ve not received official results from the Northern Region yet as being among the reasons for the delay.

She said they want to be careful in order to ensure that all results are recorded accurately before they declare it, citing the fact that the Jaman North alone had 44,758 voters and therefore it is important that they patiently collate the right results.

Prior to the elections, the EC announced that they were going to use two methods of results transmission;  the manual and electronic methods to ensure accuracy but said they had certain challenges hence they have to take their time and ensure things are done prudently.

“We want to assure you that we cannot change the results in any way, we cannot manipulate the results, the results have already been declared on a polling station by polling station bases all we are doing is picking all those results that have already been declared and putting it together but in doing that, we must ensure accuracy.” madam Charlotte Osei stated.

She said it is for this reason that they think, “accuracy is more important than speed at this point”.

She said her outfit’s duty is not to declare results quickly but to  declare results that are accurate and reflect the will of the people of Ghana, adding that was the oath they took and their obligations under the law and they intend to live by it.

Source: Suraya Alidu Malititi | kapital971.com

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