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Is a victim of an European-made Universal White God who has woken up to the scam it is but has not found the path back to the original construct of his ancestors. He has woken up in a big room with a Huge Zombie absolutely useless to him and instead of walking out he has constructed another thing fundamentally flawed to replace the scam he woke out of !

Atheism thus becomes another ‘religion’, a construct that feeds on his energies as he daily seeks to defend it, and the sad thing is that just like “Feminism”, and the ‘Organised God’ he has rejected it’s also Western-made! So he is like a circus monkey who has rejected sleeping on the left side of the cage and is now on the right -same cage! He is still living in someone’s MIND and not his or ancestors’! This world is ran by concepts/constructs!!

It’s like once shackled slave who broke his chains and is still battling with the chains trying to convince himself and the chains that it doesn’t exist instead of walking the hell out of the dungeon into his home.

Imagine the slave who led rebellion on the plantation to reject the supremacy of his White Master AND CAN’T CONSTRUCT HIMSELF INTO A VERSION OF MASTER OVER HIMSELF OR ANOTHER OF HIS BLACK FAMILY INTO SUCH. They will start fighting among themselves.

Black atheism is the second phase of the Black liberation wrongly articulated. It’s an unguarded resistance. It unwittingly actually an endorsement of the European God concept.

Vacuum can be self destructive.

I have problem with the universality of One God for which no real evidence exists; I DON’T HAVE PROBLEM WITH THE EXISTENCE OF A HIGHER POWER. I also have a problem with organised, commercialised and controlling system -religion; I don’t have problem private communion with any higher entity.

What has the debate been about? “EVOLUTION” OR “CREATION”?
These are all European efforts at self discovery at a time they still considered YOU BLACK MAN an animal or not fully “Human”! None concerns you. Neither you nor I came from ADAM/Eve and we certainly didn’t evolve. To reject one and devote to one is a habit I have well illustrated above for they are both European concepts.


WE HAVE NO BEGINNINGS probably! And that should be of superior pride than coming from clay or ape. I HAVE NO BEGINNING AND WILL HAVE NO END. AFTER HERE I MOVE TO THE NEXT REALM TO LIVE FOREVER, my Ancestors taught! I am an eternal soul never to be burnt in hell fire or entertain in a heaven.



Written by Abeku Adams

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