Akufo-Addo urges sales of Ghana made products at Malls

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President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo has emphasized the need for shopping malls and supermarkets in the country to increase the proportion of local produce at their facilities.

According to him, this will benefit more local farmers and entrepreneurs since there will be high patronage of their produce.

The President made the remarks at the official commissioning of the Kumasi City Mall (KCM).

The US$ 95 million project which is owned by Delico Kumasi Limited is a semi-closed shopping facility aimed at contributing to the growth and development of both local and national economies.

The facility according to management also contributes to the national treasury and brings socio-economic development to the region.

“It is not right that our country continues to be a retailer of cheap imported goods while the capacity of our local producers remains weak and their products suffer low patronage. I know very well that some of our malls and super markets across the country; carrots sold for example are imported from Holland. Some of the dressed chickens on sales have also come from Brazil. Indeed, the items originating from Ghana and from our local entrepreneurs’ constituent barely a paltry five (5) percent of goods on sale. It is my hope that the Kumasi City Mall will not only be a place for the sale of imported goods, but substantially also Ghanaian goods”.

He urged managers of such facilities to collaborate with local farmers and entrepreneurs to get them supply their produce for sale.

Source: Hafiz Tijani/Kapital971.com

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