Apatrapa residents terrorized by armed robbers

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Residents of Apatrapa, in the Ashanti region, are living in fear over incessant attacks been meted out on them by armed robbers. In an interview on What’s Trending with Lily Ampofoa Prekoh, on Kapital Radio, a resident of Apatrapa, whose name has been withheld, indicated that, the thugs have been terrorizing their community for weeks. According to her, she suspects the thugs to be residents of Apatrapa.

The thugs are said to start their operations around 8 to 9pm making it difficult for residents to go home in the evening. Street Lights are destroyed by the thugs to pave way for the operations.

According to the resident, two ladies were robbed and rapped in two weeks.

She indicated “People have been robbed and a young lady was robbed and rapped last week. After the young lady was robbed and rapped, the police arrested some men in the area, but they were later freed”.

This, on the report of the resident, has put fear in the residents and has also made them lose trust in the police. When asked how she will manage to go home after work, she indicated, she could not go home the previous day and has no idea how she will manage to go home after work.

She has pleaded with the Ashanti Regional Police to help make Apatrapa safe again as living there is now unbearable.

Source: Lily Ampofoa  Prekoh & Nana Asabere

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