Are The Police Tax Collectors Or Part Of G.R.A ?

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The answer to the question, are policemen part of G.R.A or tax collectors has been bordering me over the past five years.

All over the regions in the country (that I have travelled), you will see policemen taking money from vehicle drivers, which I don’t know whether they (the money taken) are tolls or vehicle taxes, hence the question are the police tax collectors.

These Policemen take this money at the expense of the life of the people of Ghana because instead of ensuring that the drivers have the correct licenses, renewed their insurance or have insurance and their vehicles/cars are in good condition for the transport of people from one place to another, they take money from those drivers thus condoning with the drivers in not ensuring that their cars are in good conditions and follow the appropriate rules and regulations.

The result is that, the life of the people of Ghana is in jeopardy, the life of the future leaders of Ghana are in jeopardy.

I will undoubtedly, say that some fatal accidents happened because the police failed to do what is right.

I believe some of the policemen are having the people of Ghana at heart and will always do the right thing. I will urge them to do more than they are doing and should also help expose the few who want to tarnish the image of the Police force.


Paa Grant Kwesi Ampeh.

Student (U.P.S.A).


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