Asokore Mampong Security Council to crack the whip on Tijanniya/Ahli-Sunna sects at Aboabo to avert clashes

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The Asokore Mampong Municipal Coordinating Director says the Municipal Security Council will not hesitate to take action if leadership of the Tijanniya and Ahlul-Sunna fail to call their followers to order.

The Municipal Coordinating Council says it has begun taking proactive measures to forestall any possible clash between both sects.

The council Tuesday [April 18, 2017] met leadership of both sects in an effort to broker a peace agreement to avert possible clashes between them.

In an interview with Kapital News’ Hafiz Tijani, the Asokore Mampong Municipal Coordinating Director, Mohammed Adam Baba described the situation as worrying.

“Its a worrying situation.., because when there is going to be a problem, it doesn’t know Muslim or non-Muslim. We plead with our Muslim brothers to stop what they are doing to ensure that peace prevails.”

Tension is brewing between the Tijaniyya and Ahlul-Sunna sects in the Aboabo community as preachers from both factions use abusive languages against each other when they mount the podium.

At Tuesday’s meeting, the Security Council requested leadership of both factions to give assurances of their readiness to end the seeming tension.

The council as part of its measures is to direct all mosques’ within the community to lower the loud speakers they use in preaching.

“The council will go back to meet, we have communicated our decision to them and that is they should stop the abusive language that they are using and also lower the loud speakers that they have. We have put in place measures to monitor and anyone who falls foul will be dealt with according to the laws of Ghana.”

He said they will come out with fresh measures whenever necessary though hopes it will not come to that.

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