At Age 30

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When a person is young it’s OBEDIENCE that matters. Then a time comes that LOYALTY is the ultimate value in our relationship with others.

Obedience is one-way obligation. Loyalty is a two-way transaction and it’s a validation and recognition of a person’s maturity. It’s consensual, mutual and a test for a person to assess his or her capacity to preserve shared interests. Don’t continue being obedient in you old age!

This is why in all ancient traditions where a person was required to be admitted or initiated into some secluded fraternities -from Sudan, to Kemet, to Persia, to Greece, to Rome and all Ancient African societies loyalty to members is stressed.

Loyalty is a currency for social transactions. Loyalty is not bootlicking.

By age 30 a person must have come to this awareness to appreciate the importance of LOYALTY. You owe it to your family, friends and society.

Written by Abeku Adams

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