Audio: Kumasi’s Reaction To The New 5 Cedi Note

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The new 5 cedi note which was outdoored by the Bank of Ghana on Friday (March 3, 2017) has started circulating.

The note which was released to mark the bank’s 60 anniversary has already been distributed across the country.

The new 5 cedi note comes with a new pulsating shine when tilted.

A member of the Currency Department of the Bank of Ghana, Mr. Dominic Owusu stressed that the new currency will be used alongside the old currency.

But how are Kumasi residents welcoming the new note?

Below are the views of a section of the  public in the metropolis on the new note.


“For me I have not seen one since it started circulating, I even wanted to ask on my Facebook wall whether the money was only made for people in the Capital.”

“The best thing for authorities should have done was to make noise about it in the media for everybody to get to know about it. It’s important that enough education is given on the new note so that those at the rural areas will no about it too because if the person doesn’t know about it, he/she might not accept it as a legal tender.”

“The money is nice, its a good thing that they’ve issued the note because it has nice and beautiful features.”

“I think the money is good but not much education was given about it. Though its nice, Feiters can counterfeit it so they should do some education about it in order to avert that.”

“I don’t get why they decided to issue a new 5 Cedi note, the fact that we have a change in government doesn’t mean we should be changing monies every now and then. What’s the point in changing the 5 Cedi note?”

So is that all the NPP know how to do? Kuffour did the same thing when he came and Nana Addo has also done same so what’s the point in it aside causing financial loss?

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