Audio: We want the rains, but not another June 3 disaster. So are we really prepared ?

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There are so many complaints now that the weather is too hot and unbearable.

Many are those calling for the rains to come, for many reasons, including saving us from the scorching weather and bringing relief to farmers who are scared that the continuous drought may affect food production in the country.

But as we await the rains to set in, there is one thing we are not talking about; whether or not we have put the proper structures in place to prevent flooding should we have the rains.

Because experts have warned, the rains will come with an equal measure of intensity as we are experiencing the heat.

We all remember what happened last year with the June 3 disaster where lots of lives and property were lost through flooding.

There were wailings. The country mourned. And there were speeches… plenty of them from authorities on their promises that the “yearly ritual” where lives are lost through flood would be a thing of the past.

I said “yearly ritual” because yearly, flooding causes havoc that possibly could have been prevented. That of 2015 was however unprecedented.

We find ourselves in another year after the various promises last year and the question is; are we ready this time for the rains? We definitely do not want any more long speeches. We don’t need any more promises. We are not ready to lose relatives and loved ones. We don’t want to be in a state of sorrow over flood. We certainly don’t want to lose our hard earned wealth.

What we want is a warm welcome of the rain when it starts. So these are my questions;

So how prepared are we as a nation to meet the rains?
Are the drainage systems at water logged areas in the country fixed now?

Have the choked gutters been cleared?

Have we cleared our environments off filth?

Have the promises of authorities in this regard been fulfilled?

Can we say we are really ready for the rains?

If not, then we need not wait another second. The time is now! Let’s get prepared because we can’t stand the speeches again after a flood disaster.

We want an end to the flooding that takes lives and properties so we could gladly welcome the rains.



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