Black Stars Agree To Slash Bonus By 50%

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Players of the senior national team the Black Stars have decided to slash their bonuses by a whopping  50%.

This was made known by the Minister-designate for Youth and Sports , Hon Isaac Asiamah on Monday at a press conference in Port Gentil.

With the new bonus structure, players of the Black Stars will be receiving $15000 per player for the group stages, $5,000 for winning the quarter-finals, $6,000 for a semi-final win (same for winning the third-place match) and $7,500 for winning the ultimate,  a reduction of the budgeted $15,000 per player.

According to the Minister designate, should the team  win Ghana our 5th Afcon trophy, the state will reward them accordingly with a special package.

“We are all aware that previously, they were taking $10,000 as bonus for the group stage, but now there is a 50 per cent slash down across  board at each stage… quarter-finals, semi-finals, third-place or final. The players have agreed; they have all welcomed it and this is the best way to go,”

“In football, fans matter, supporters matter, Ghanaians matter and as a government, we need to listen to them and take their concerns and sentiments about perception that the players mainly play for money and not out of loyalty to the nation into consideration. The players have embraced the decision that going forward it is important to win back the support of Ghanaians.

“Ghanaians from today will support the team because our aim as government is to restore the dignity, the respect, the integrity and the massive support the Black Stars have enjoyed all these years.” he added

Bonuses of the Black Stars have been a contentious issue in the past resulting in several clashes with the FA, playing body and some ministers notable is the erstwhile Sports Minister Nii Lantey Vanderpuje who endured a frosty relations with the team and its handlers.

The minister designate who spoke to every squad member in person before  the decision says it was arrived at after consultations with the players, leadership of the FA and the team’s management committee.

“We all left happy and satisfied that we have a good beginning and are not going to have the old exchanges over money, and if anything at all, there would be dialogue and positive engagement.”

He however emphasized that the decision was arrived at after considering the harsh economic conditions and the general will of the Ghanaian populace for a slash in the bonuses.

GFA President, Mr Kwesi Nyantakyi was enthused with the way and manner in which the exercise was carried out commending the minister for his human touch and reiterated that the Black Stars do not play for the nation because of the money.

“We can’t run away from the fact that events in Brazil 2014 have had an adverse effect on the level of support and confidence that Ghanaians had in the team.

“The  players are human beings, they are Ghanaians, and they have relatives and friends so they know how people feel about it. It has an effect on all of us, the impression created that they are playing because of money. But that is far from the truth,”

“They told the minister that they can play without money and wait for government to announce a package at the end of the tournament if they win the trophy.”Mr Nyantakyi said.


Source: Kingsley Opoku-Amoako|

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