Bugging Device: I will cooperate with BNI probe- Fuseini

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Former Lands and Natural Resources Minister has assured that he will  fully cooperate with the Bureau of National Investigation (BNI) if he is invited in connection with the bugging device that was discovered and retrieved from the office of his successor.

Alhaji Inusah Fuseini maintained that the device was not meant to spy John Peter Amewu.

The device, a recorder which can pick low volume sounds about 30 metres away with a data storage unit and a transmitting unit, was pinned to the back of the Coat of Arms hanging in the Minister’s office.

The National Security retrieved the bug after a routine screening exercise at the Ministry.

The BNI is conducting investigation into the matter but Mr Fuseini has claimed ownership of the device.

Alhaji Fuseini who spoke with Kapital news maintained that the installation of the device was without any ill-intentions.

“It is as if to say that people are spying on the Minister, no. It is to assure the Minister of my fuller support and also to let him know that this device has no, absolutely no influence or no effect or no influence on whatever he is doing. Is not functional so he should be rest assured”.

Asked if he would honour an invitation to assist the BNI in its investigations, Alhaji Fuseini told Lily Ampofoa Annor that “I can go and explain to them, I think that the BNI even know that is not functional. When I read the news, I need that they had cleared the office the first time, they have cleared the office the second time and that they discovered nothing. It means that because the device was not working they could not pick the signals. They took a cleaner to clean the office. Maybe when the cleaner brought down the Coat of Arms and he saw those things”.

He assured that he is ever ready to comply with the BNI if he is invited, though he is yet to get an official invitation.

Source: Hafiz Tijani/Kapital971.com

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