Burkina tomatoes give us more money-tomato vendors

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Tomato vendors in the various markets of the Ashanti region have indicated that tomatoes from Burkina Faso fetch them more money as compared to the locally cultivated ones.

It has been revealed that tomato vendors in the country have opted for the ones in Burkina Faso to the detriment of the ones here cultivated by the local farmers.

This practice is bad for the country as it is expected that locally produced and cultivated commodities are patronized.

Speaking in an interview with Kapital news’ Lily Ampofoa Annor, Aunty Adwoa, a tomato vendor at Bantama market indicated that “the tomato from Burkina Faso lasts longer as compared to the local ones so we are able to sell them and make our money since they don’t  go waste. Again, the local ones are too watery as compared to that from Burkina Faso so consumers prefer that one since it tastes better when used in the preparation of food’’.

Meanwhile the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) has indicated its readiness to bring the variety of tomato seedling used by the Burkinabe farmers to augment the local ones.

This the center believes will determine why the the local  tomatoes are quite different from the ones from Burkina Faso and find the way forward to the situation in order to save the local Tomato farmers.

Source: Lily Ampofoa Annor | kapital971.com



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