Bury Your Partisan, Parochial Interests and Elect a PM – Samuel Sarpong To KMA

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Former Mayor of Kumasi, and former Ashanti Regional Minister, Dr. Samuel Sarpong has asked assembly members of the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly to bury their political and selfish interests and elect a presiding member on Tuesday.

The Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly (KMA) has been without a presiding member after five failed attempts by the Assembly members to elect one.

A situation some local governance experts have warned could be detrimental to the progress of the metropolis.

A meeting to elect a presiding member on Tuesday was later pushed to Friday September 30 after both contestants failed to attain the required votes to win.

On Friday September 30, the election was again pushed to October 2 because there were no judges in Kumasi to swear in the winner if the elections were successful.

This was because all the judges had gone for a conference in Accra.

In an interview with GBC in Kumasi, Mr. Sarpong noted that the failure to elect a pressing member for the KMA is impeding development in the area.

“The moment you are voted to be an assembly member, your main preoccupation is to make sure that your electoral area develops. Without a presiding member, it actually stampedes the progress for development.

I would like to appeal to the assembly members that they should try as much as possible to bury all their differences. They should throw away their partisan, parochial interests and then elect a presiding member who would definitely lead them in terms of development,” he said.

He said an assembly member who fails to deliver would certainly be voted out by his constituents during elections.

Therefore it is only prudent for members to bury their selfish interests and elect a presiding member for the development of their various electoral areas.

Source: Felicity Frempong | kapital971.com



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