It’s a change over time for Ghanaians- Gospel singer

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Popular Ghanaian gospel musician, Mary Agyemang has intimated that this year 2016 is a change over moment for the people of Ghana and all those who believe in change.

The ‘change over’ hit maker in an interview with Elder Sampson Annan on Cymbals on Kapital Radio said, her song was inspired by the Holy Spirit to be delivered to the people of Ghana and to everyone who will trust in the Lord Jesus Christ.

“Anytime we’re about to enter into a new year, God gives out a new message. During 31st Night services, you see church activities with themes such as cross over, jump over and change over among others. So when we were about to enter into this year, God gave me this message to be given to Ghanaians and all who will believe in our Lord God, Jesus Christ. The message was so emphatic and clear that this year 2016 is a change over year. But let me reiterate this, it is only for those who will believe in the name of Jesus Christ and also believing that Christ is the way, the truth and the life” she explained.

Mary Agyemang also noted that several lives have been touched through her song and believes it is time the good people of the country take advantage of the song and move into the new state of life.

According to her, the starting point of change-over has to do with the mindset of the person, hence the need to believe and join the changeover spree.

She has however denied reports that the change-over song was a political song, saying, “I did not do this song for any politician or a political party. At times I laugh at those who think I did this song for the NPP; I had nothing of sort in mind. My prime purpose as I said was to win souls and fulfill my ministry. Though I’ve been on the campaign platform of the NPP, I am not in any way linked to them, I was on that stage to preach through my song”.

The ‘change- over’ song has since its release gained major air play on most media platforms, including television and radio. The song has been on the Kapital Top 15 chart show since its inception.

The song has also been involved in series of controversies since its release as many stakeholders have touted it as a political campaign song for the main opposition New Patriotic Party.

The singer told Elder Sampson Annan that she will launch the change-over album which is her second album on October 23, 2016 at the Yegoala Hotel in Kumasi.

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