Dear Minister of Communication,

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My weekend  got off to a radiant start and I thought I’d spice it a bit more with tuning in to the NewsFile show on #JoyFM.

So I gave it a shot!

The first hour of listening to the show (to you particularly) left an unwelcome combination of bitter, sour, unsavory taste in my mouth. Ouch! I was turning sick, nearly.

The more I listened to you, the more despondent I became.

You were shouting (even though YOU were the one who kept referring to others as ugly noise makers). You were intolerant; blinkered too. This cannot be the standard. No!

Madam, your posturing and obvious one-sidedness on the show today smacked of anything but modesty – and I worry, that these look quite bad on you! Looks very bad too on the Government you represent. In many ways!

The murkier a situation is and appears, the calmer and smarter you ought to be, to intelligently clarify the issues. This is how you inspire confidence in the tax payer and the people who put you in office…

I’ve since tuned off the programme, hoping that I resume a more peaceful and restful weekend.

As concerned about; and as sympathetic as I am towards you, though, I sincerely do hope, that you’d find another opportunity to represent yourself better. Oh!

Writes Louisa Laryea

An objective #Ghanaian#TaxPayer#Voter.

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