Delay in election results as EC identifies over voting at polling stations

    /    Dec 8, 2016   /     NewsBreak  /    0 Comments  /    170 Views

The Electoral Commission (EC) has called for calm as election results trickle in from various parts of the country.

Ten hours after polls closed, the Commission says it is yet to release certified results as it has noticed several instances of over voting at a number of polling stations.

“It has come to the attention of the Commission that several possible instances of over voting have occurred at a number of polling stations. As a result of this the Electoral Commission has decided to review all results from the collation centres and verify them against the physical pink sheets from the polling stations,” a statement released by the EC Thursday morning said.

The statement explained that multiple verification processes would be required to ensure the integrity of the election results

“The verification process would be done at four stages before the results would be certified. 1. Receipt of manual faxes from the collation centers. 2. Comparison of faxed summary results with the Electronic Results Transfer data 3. Comparison of the constituency collation sheets 4. Final comparison with the polling station pink sheets,” the statement outlined.

The statement further explained that in line with established administrative procedures, the Commission would be able to determine if any over voting occurred in any polling station.

“Should any discrepancy occur the commission will meet to determine the appropriate actions,” the statement said.

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