Why Dj Duke is On Forklex Radar

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The term ‘Graveyard Shift’ in radio is internationally known as the hours between 12 midnight till morning (‘dead hours’). This is arguably termed so, because most listeners would or should be asleep by then.

So it was predominantly and arguably a worldwide phenomenon by allocating the Graveyard Shift to, most at times, radio novices who are venturing into the art of either disc jockeying or broadcasting.

But the trend has changed in most part of Europe since most employees still work in the night and for that matter could tune into any radio station of their choice to enjoy some quality programing.

In order to increase audience share to maximise profits through advertisement, most radio stations in Europe have changed their style, format, content and programing to fit in well with its mid-night audience.

So, in other words, Midnight Radio is not ‘dead’ but alive with its audience when given the necessary attention to quality programing.

In Ghana, most stations allot their Graveyard Shifts to either preaching or for disc jockeys to play music with slow tempos or BPMs (beat per minutes) probably to lure the listener to sleep and sleep some more, which is not a bad idea for the listener but for the advertiser.

Listening consistently to radio stations in Kumasi, one could attest to the fact that, the station that is changing the face and outlook of Midnight Radio in the sense discussed is Kapital Radio.

Their midnight programing is second to none. This is because, they have content and format that looks beyond their ‘Graveyard Slot’ making it difficult for a listener to tune of.

Their collections, selections and choices of music for its ‘Graveyard Slots’ is akin to any given day-time radio content.

And the person behind this Midnight sensation is Nana Asante Agyemang also known as Dj Duke Da Rula together with his production team.

And he does it by weaving his way through the ‘Kapital Journey’ from Midnight to 4am on Monday to Thursday, and as to what the ‘Kapital Journey’ means you will find it for yourself when you tune in.

As if that is not enough, the hard-working radio-man would not stop there, while he adds ‘Kapital Friday-Night’ to his slots from 8pm to Midnight.

The show that seems to tell it all is the ‘Kapital-Disc jockeys-Night’ which airs on every Saturday from 6pm to 10pm.

Knowing this should have happened some long time ago, is there any wonder as to why his name appears among the numerous contenders for the best Disc Jockey in the Forklex Awards 2017?

When you have the time, listen to him, and you would know why his name comes under the Forklex Awards radar.

By Wilfred Clarke

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