Endorsement for David Mark’s Presidency by Nicodemus Mbatsavtampu

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Nicodemus Mbatsavtampu, wrote:

I don’t do politics or post anything political, but make I talk small abeg
Senator David Mark picked presidential form and I am reading things like “What has he done for his people that he wants to be president ”
I am also from Benue state, Tiv to be precise, and I’ll prefer #David_Mark is the #Senator representing where I come from.
How many people has he given federal government jobs in either civil defense, customs, immigration, road safety or police? Mark my words, if you enter any office and you don’t see an Idoma man, something is wrong.
Next to Calabar, Otukpo is where everyone wants to be every festive season cos of the biggest basketball festival in Africa “Mark D Ball”. I can’t think of any important person who has visited my local government in years, but every top Naija celebrity has been to Otukpo to witness mark D ball.
Like him or hate him, he has positioned the Idoma people on the map in such a way that the Tiv people are far behind.
#Prophets_Is_Not_Accepted_In_His_place #DavidMarkforPresident
Luke 4 vs 24

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