Former Tema Youth midfielder tells young players to be wary of football agents

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Ghanaian  midfielder Derrick Mensah has acknowledged that agents are influential in making and unmaking the careers of footballers.

The player made this comment when he spoke to Kapital Hot Sport’s Host Yaw Opoku-Amoako in an interview.

Derrick who now plays for the Slovenian side, Aluminij indicated his advisors were more focused on money and not helping him build his career and this really affected him.

“I was young and the advises were not good then. Then I think those giving me the advice were not thinking about my career but something else which cost me. Obviously they were thinking about money because those talking to me then were like we have a good offer for you, good money etc.”

He further stated “It was my first time so I had less experience on how Europe is and how you have to go about these things. Even though I have education but my level of thinking was low because I was young then.”

When asked to be specific with who his advisors were at that time the player commented “My advisors were my agents but obviously I don’t want to mention names because I have learnt lessons but it was the agent who was telling me let’s go here I’ll give you money, let’s go they have a good offer for the kind of experience you have because you’ve played in the national team etc and those advices didn’t help me.”

On his final words for young and upcoming players in respect to agents, Derrick advised “You have to know this agent. This agent has to be a brother, has to be a friend, and a father regardless of the age or the position which you are and this agent has to tell you the truth. You have to know that the agent is thinking about your career first. If this person is talking about or quoting a lot of money you have to ask yourself where you are coming from, if you are due that money and if you are due that position.”

He also added “You have to know yourself, believe in yourself, know the position in which you are and compare it to what this person is telling you in order to determine whether you can have those things that he is telling you then you know that he is telling you the truth and he is thinking about your career but first you have to think about your career and then the money will come.”

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