General Buhari: Treasure In Hard Casing

    /    Oct 17, 2016   /     Opinion  /    Comments are closed  /    403 Views
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I was waiting for proof that The General BUHARI was keeping some integrity and it wasn’t coming until Mrs. Aisha Buhari couldn’t hide her disappointment. Obviously she isn’t cool with not having illegitimate opportunities Patience Goodluck had.

Her outburst struck me that H.E is keeping his family out of state business and anyone in there is there on merit -either as trusted or competent person..IF I ALSO GET POLITICAL POWER MY WIFE WILL HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH STATE CONTRACTS AND BUSINESSES LIKE WE SAW UNDER President Rawlings and now under President Mahama. I didn’t hear of Mrs. Kuffour.

Again, he is living his conviction that the fact that you helped win power doesn’t translate into administrative competence to qualify you for political office. AND I WOULDN’T NECESSARILY MAKE YOU PART OF GOVERNMENT JUST BECAUSE YOU HELPED WIN POLITICAL POWER. The General is doing the good things the corrupted African isn’t ready for.

ON THE PRESIDENT’S response, I think he trusted the perceptiveness of the world than he should have. His proverbial response couldn’t be digested by the right people. I am however certain it would make contextual meaning in the Nigerian culture. He wasn’t putting down his wife. However, I WOULDN’T HAVE DELIVERED IT IN SUCH CONDENSE FORM.

Aisha should render apology; EVEN WITH ALL HIS SEXUAL PERVERSION BILL CLINTON WAS DEFENDED BY HILLARY CLINTON. She threatened some victims, paid off some AND probably had some killed.

Get over it. Countries have had it worse and never killed their Presidents. Let’s learn from the GREAT ARCHITECT OF ECONOMIC RECESSION, THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. They have had worse recessions. It’s part of Capitalism. With our voodoo economies enslaved to the West we must expect it. Worse is when our politicians steal money and ferry it outside the country, and wealthy people refuse to invest in African countries but would choose to buy shares or bills in Western firms we are doomed.


Written by Abeku Adams

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