Ghana Nursing and Midwifery Trainee Association Petition Veep On Allowance On His Visit To Bolgatanga Nursing Training College

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Despite the incessant agitations by various Nursing and Midwifery students across the country over the scrapping of their allowances by the NDC led administration, the auditorium of the Bolgatanga Nursing Training College was filled with beaming smiles and enthusiasm from the much awaited and expectant ‘alawa’ students upon the arrival of the Vice President, Paa Kwesi Amissah Arthur.

The Vice President Amissah Arthur is on a two day visit to the Upper East Region and was scheduled to meet and interact with the Students in order to have first -hand information about the challenges the students have been faced with.

The female students wearing their usual green nursing uniforms with white collars and banners on their arms and the males in ‘khaki’ with white short sleeves whiles observing a standing ovation were seen taking pictures of the Vice President and  booing in the echoing auditorium whiles he was ushered in with his entourage to take their seats.

After the introduction of the dignitaries present at the program, Vice Principal of the School, William Timbil in addressing the gathering raised concerns about security and lack of infrastructure in the school.  He noted that despite these challenges that the school has been confronted with; the school has chalked some academic successes citing the recent results released by the Nursing and Midwife Council where the college scored 95.4% on the academic league table.


“The college still is relying on temporal and uncompleted structures .we have inadequate lecture theaters and classrooms and as we stand now, the population of the school stands at 525 with an average of 80 in a lecture hall and for as this is woefully inadequate . If you come to the accommodation for Tutors it is inadequate and we also ask that if you enter into our hostels, they are all highly congested and we have lack of toilet facilities that is also a problem. And I know that when you were entering into the college, you saw that the place was very dark, the road is very bad and the lightening is poor and most importantly, books and allowances for Tutors is absent” he lamented.

However, President of the Northern Zone of the Ghana Nursing and Midwifery Trainees Association (GNMTA), Abraham Achiru read a petition on the unending issue of student’s allowances that has been scrapped by government breeding anger and frustration in most students in colleges of health. He queried why government has failed to pay the allowances of Trainees but continues to make promises of restoring it.

“There are several challenges facing trainee nurses and midwives in this country but the most pressing issue has to do with government failure to pay trainees allowances but continue to make promises of restoring it .GNMTA has made several follow ups with government concerning this issue after government’s decision to restore this allowance but all these have proven futile” he bemoaned

GNMTA is demanding to know from government the amount and when the payment of their allowances would be effected. They have also kicked against earlier announcement by government that they would be paid GHS150.00 describing it as minute adding that they would continue to explore all diplomatic avenues available to get their issues solved .

Meanwhile, Mr. Amissah Arthur has assured that government would work with the relevant stakeholders in getting their grievances addressed accordingly.


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