It’s Monday On #FLS

    /    Oct 17, 2016   /     FLS  /    8 Comments  /    242 Views

It’s a Monday and the first working day of the week.Let’s begin on a very good note.There is a lot to achieve in the week but you know you must begin well.

Join #TeamNBY with all your #FavouriteLoveSongs and as always and lets have fun while working.

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It’s Monday on #FLS


    • Name October 17, 2016 - Reply

      hello, hope u r doing great. my fls for today is flashlight by Jessy J n it’s going out to my lovely Tony at tanoso .please tell him natin will break us apart…. de love is deep

    • Akosua Jetli October 17, 2016 - Reply

      Good Morning NBY. pls play me “Overcomer” by Malisa. thanx…

    • Oppong Steven October 17, 2016 - Reply

      Tena me nkyen by Paapa Yankson and Paulina Oduro is my fls today reaching out to my everything Faustina and also to my very good friend Abigail Mensah. You guys mean a lot to me yeah

    • Appiah Faustina October 17, 2016 - Reply

      Hi Mr. Romantic. It’s my first time posting though. Someone to love by Shayne Ward goes out to the guy I’m ready to die with, Oppong Steven, to my best friends; Abimens, Gifty, Eno, not forgetting you, of course #Nbyyyyy. God bless

    • Jacob Glover October 17, 2016 - Reply

      Heloooo NBY/Mahony, My FLS for today is It’s all coming back to me by Celine Dion going out to Mavis Ghorman and to all friends of FLS with NBY Especially Kwame Gentle and Ayena Stormy, Gracey Grace, Gracie Afriyie and Notable Prince.

    • Nana Adjei October 17, 2016 - Reply

      Yo yo yooo Good morning NBY your welcome guess u had a cool holidays my FLS for today is jhon legend All of me to my lovely friends Nana Ephia and her sister they should stay blessed.

    • Nana Yaw Kwakye Evans October 17, 2016 - Reply

      When a woman loves by R Kelly….it goes out to SUZY,Nana Akua Bohemaa,Immaculatar,Augustina,Pearl and Yaa Grace..Gm

    • Prince October 17, 2016 - Reply

      hello NBY good morning….

      haa its good to be back home… der is no place like home…. NBY pls play me any nice to Yvonne Yaa King, Tell your group and the swaggaholics group

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