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    /    Dec 5, 2016   /     FLS  /    6 Comments  /    346 Views
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It’s Monday, a brand new week and it promises to be interesting. But we obviously need a break from the politically charged atmosphere.

The only way to do that is post your #FavouriteLoveSongs and leave the rest to #TeamNBY. Drop your them on


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    • Name December 5, 2016

      hi NBY,my fls is all I want for Christmas is you NY mariah Carey to the family

    • akua afriyie December 5, 2016

      Good morning 🕗 fls for today is my help by Brooklyn tabernacle choir.for Koko velly.constance Forson and u Nby.we need our lord help this violence.

    • Abdulrauf Zito December 5, 2016

      Gud morning NBY! Gud morning family! Ma FLS for today is Gud morning by Steve Holy to ma lovely Princess Jamcy. I love her sooooooo much.
      Have a blissful week family!

    • Name December 5, 2016

      Good morning, I understand by Joe Thomas is my fls for today.

    • Jacob Glover December 5, 2016

      Good day NBY, hope your weekend was great, My FLS is THE WORLD by BRAD PAISLEY to the members of FLS group with NBY.

    • Richy boy darling December 5, 2016

      Hello nby. My fls today is drunk in love by Beyonce and it goes to Constance offei of Rhema credit union. Wish her a lovely week.


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