Its #SocialMediaThursday on #FLS

    /    Jan 12, 2017   /     FLS  /    4 Comments  /    125 Views

Its almost weekend again, Its a Thursday, getting ready to put finishing touches to the office work for the coming weekend. This could be tiring..yea I know. But guess what, things could be easier with some soothing sounds of your #FavoriteLoveSongs from #TeamNBY. C’mon! send in your #FLS now…dont be left out. Its gonna be fun!

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    • akua afriyie January 12, 2017 - Reply

      Good morning 🕗 are u Nby? My fls is coat of many colours.goin out to my candy 🍬 Koko Velly and Constance grateful for what u have.stay blessed

    • Abdulrauf Zito January 12, 2017 - Reply

      Gud morning NBY, Ronan keating’s whn U say nothing at all is ma FLS to ma beautiful Princess Jamcy. I love her soooooooooooo much.
      Have a blissful day family!

    • Jacob Glover January 12, 2017 - Reply

      Small Town Southern Man from Alan Jackson is my FLS to Micheal Nuvor, Dela, Prince Buckman, Mr. Asiseh, Kombien Somtuaka and to you NBY. have a blast!!!!

    • Gyamfua January 12, 2017 - Reply

      Hello Nby!..hope you had a wonderful night?  My fks is De Mi by Camilla . Thank you. Don’t understand it tho but it’s sure is a nice song😍..deducted to everyone of this wonderful family. Love you guys

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