It’s Thursday on #FLS

    /    May 4, 2017   /     FLS  /    3 Comments  /    173 Views

It’s almost another weekend.

It’s Thursday and #FLS is on with #TeamNBY.

Send in your #FavoriteLoveSongs and leave the rest to the team.

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    • Akwasi perry dadaba May 4, 2017 - Reply

      Gm team NBY my Fls for today is rod stewarts have I told you lately to jakky,Ayinah,Paulina and obaapa Lizzy I really love these girls 

    • Nana Qwarsi Apiiza May 4, 2017 - Reply

      Hello Nby, good morning my fls for today x angels wings by westlife and 
      It goes out to all the family members. Much love 

    • Kwame May 4, 2017 - Reply

      Hi, i want to request a heart like yours by Cece winans to Parrish 😍. The message is love

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