It’s Thursday on #FLS

    /    Aug 31, 2017   /     FLS  /    7 Comments  /    1351 Views

It’s Thursday on #FLS

Start sending your #FavoriteLoveSongs now and just relax while #TeamNBY does justice to all your favorite tunes.

Don’t be left out!!!

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    • Joe T'City August 31, 2017

      Good morning, Crush by Yuna ft Usher is my fls for today. Going out to my nephew Noel who’s celebrating his birthday today.

    • Akosua Jetli August 31, 2017

      Good Morning NBY! it’s bn a looooong time. Traveled outside small… Kinda miss you though.
      Please play me “Price Tag” by Jessie J.. going out to Abena Jackie of Adhyeman Savings and loans. it’s her bdae today and also to Mad Incorporated. Love them all and Abena Jackie shud enjoy the day to the fullest. Outing bills moro on all me.
      Thanks NBY.. we need to meet you know! the day i will get a boy!

    • Name August 31, 2017

      Yellow!!! Let her go a song by passenger and it goes out Eva-Maria, Stephen Kankam Jr, Michael N. Amegar and the guys and gals with NBY. The message is mmmuuuaaaahhh

    • Abdulrauf Zito September 7, 2017

      Yello NBY! three times a lady by Lionel Richie is ma FLS to ma only love Princess Jamcy. She’s de only one tht ma heart beats for.
      Have a wonderful day family!
      Gud morning!

    • onyame ba franky September 21, 2017


    • onyame ba franky September 21, 2017

      hello good morning nby

    • onyame ba franky September 21, 2017


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