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It’s 1st August, 2017, Hurrayyyyyy!!!

Today you’re free to send in your #FavoriteLoveSong, whether Ghanaian or foreign.

Start sending them in now!

#TeamNBY is waiting!!!

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    • Einstein OWUSU August 1, 2017

      GM my fls for today is unrequited love by Yuna and is reaching out to jewel afriyie and itself. Thanks #never lose hope##

    • Gracy Grace August 1, 2017

      ” rest your love on me ” by Olivia Newton and Andy Gibb is my fls for today and it’s going out to my partner in crime Kwaku n also my sweet sisters Abigail n Animah not forgetting Adom Afriyie , urself NBY n Mr Korsi Asiseh . Good morning Nana Boakye

    • GLOVER JACOB August 1, 2017

      Good morning NBY Pls my FLS is “Officially Yours” by T-Pain to Efya Anima, Gracy Grace, Adom Afriyie Gracie and to friends of FLS on facebook with NBY.


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