It’s Wednesday On #FLS

    /    Dec 7, 2016   /     FLS  /    2 Comments  /    849 Views

It’s midweek family, an important day for Ghana at that because #Ghdecides.

Go cast your vote, come back home and relax with  a cool number of ‪#‎YourFavouriteLoveSongs.

Let’s kill the political tension guyzz, allow #TeamNBY do the magic for you as always its

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    • JACOB GLOVER December 7, 2016

      Let us not lose the sight of who we are. HOME by DIERKS BENTLEY is my FLS to all friends of FLS on facebook and all Ghanaians. We are one people, we have no other place to call HOME than our beloved Ghana. wishing all a peaceful election, during and after. God bless Ghana. good day NBY

    • Richy boy darling December 7, 2016

      Hello nby. Haven’t voted yet still @ the office. My fls today goes to Constance of rhema credit union. The most lovely girls ever. Pls play her korede bello romantic.