Jamasi: Pigs invade Kitchens

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Residents of Tunsuom at Jamasi in the Sekyere South District of the Ashanti Region say they are battling with the invasion of stray pigs at their homes and kitchens.

The stray animals have been destroying foodstuffs of residents whose homes they invade in search of food when they are absence.

The situation according to them has persisted for over four years which is yet to receive the needed attention by authorities after several concerns being raised.

The stray animals are said to be invading homes and kitchens of residents after frolicking through public toilets and refuse dump sites.

Residents fear they risk contracting strange and contaminated diseases if the issue is not addressed.

Assembly Member for the Tunsuom electoral area, Habila Yakub accused farmers in the area of shirking their responsibilities of confining the animals.

“The community have been invaded by stray pigs and as we speak we can count not less than 50 pigs straying in the community. And you see, because it is raining these pigs go into our public toilets infact sometimes they will catch a live chicken send it into the public toilets, from there they will come out and invade residents kitchen in search of food. Since 2015, there is never been a solution to this problem”.

He said residents have persistently reported the incident to the District Environmental Health Officer who later invited the pig farmers on how the concerns could be addressed.

According to him, the farmers had assured the officer and he (the Assembly member) of confining the stray animals, but did not heed to their words.

The Assembly Member expressed worry over the situation and warned the community is on the brink of a cholera outbreak if authorities fail to address concerns of the residents.

Source: Hafiz Tijani/Kapital971.com

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