A Leader is one of the people

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The masses always respond or react to the effects of deep seated phenomena, situations, systems, institutions, ideologies, beliefs, and even people.

Here is how I measure a true or rare leader – one who knows and can lucidly demonstrate to the masses, the real causes of the effects they’re busy reacting to, and with them to reason to fashion out the best strategy to unseat the causes.

Driven by your commonness of purpose and how easy it is to identify with you, the masses grow fond of you, stick to you and ultimately tie their interest with yours. Their gratitude to you is expressed in their tying their interest with yours – in this way, they never will let you leave them and will be there for you even when this means they losing their lives, because they now identify their very interest with you in which case they consider any threat to you as direct threat to their interest.

But here comes the leader’s greatest responsibility – he must never disappoint them even if it means losing his life. You’re relevant only to the extent that you remain representative of their interest.
In this secret lies the making of a Messiah or saviour.

Dear Messiah of his people, never ever forget that you remain one and ordinary member of your people and not a better fellow. Why? Your purpose is one with them; to get yourselves out of that system you detest. And when you’re privileged enough to be the one to prompt them, you don’t become better. No.

You’re also working for your own interest just as all the people supporting you. Don’t even think of being better than even the smallest of them all. When the job is done, you say with them: we did it, not I did it. All the little efforts matter.

Pride kills; humility enlivens. Flip through the pages of life and you will find on the pages titled “PRIDE” only destruction but on those pages bearing “HUMILITY’ you find the beauty of life.
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Written by Kombian SOMTUAKA

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