Let’s take our Cyber Security seriously- Expert advises

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The Principal Consultant with the e-Crime Bureau has called for a holistic approach in dealing with Cyber crime in the country which he described as an emerging global crime.

He said Government and giant businesses within the country have a role to play in eradicating the emerging trend that is gradually gaining grounds in the society.

The concerns come in the wake of complaints from some members of the general public who have become victims of such crimes especially those who have been duped by unscrupulous persons through Mobile Money fraud.

Albert Antwi-Boasiako who was speaking to Korsi Assiseh on Daybreak Kapital on Kapital Radio on Wednesday June 7, 2017, said, Ghana must draw lessons from the recent Ransomware attacks which caused damage to hundreds of thousands of computers in most countries and take its Cyber Security seriously in order not to become a target by fraudsters and hackers.

He said “the key is let’s stay proactive. We need to do cyber security awareness, we need to train our employees because they need to detect the schemes of the hackers that should come with training. That skill has to be developed through training.”

He also called on the general public to take personal responsibility and be careful on the information they share on the internet, those they share with friends and the information they use in transacting businesses with other people.

Fraud has become a major tool for confident tricksters and scammers to dupe their unsuspecting victims.

Mobile and Internet fraud is now on the ascendency as most people have fallen victims to the act.

The suspects usually resort to phone calls and messages to get their victims pay huge sums for some vague rewards which never reach these innocent persons.

They use different tricks and tactics to their victims who unluckily fall to their traps.

Now what has become common is Mobile Money fraud where the fraudsters send blank messages to their target victims with the intention of getting them to revert monies from their own accounts to them.

Government has recently announced intentions to establish a national cyber security council to tackle the increasing rate of cybercrime in the country.

The initiative is part of the government’s effort to build a comprehensive cyber security governance arrangement involving all key public and private sector stakeholders.

The National Cyber Security Council will be an independent advisory body made up of public and private parties who will give advice on their own initiative and on request to the Cabinet on digital security.

Mr Antwi-Boasiako commended Government’s effort and advised businesses to do regular assessment on their email infrastructure.

According to him, some hackers sometimes are able to compromise on their emails, stay on it to monitor activities on their financial transactions and business deals and get onto the communication to defraud them.

Source: Hafiz Tijani/Kapital971.com

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