Many churches are leading couples to hell – Vicky Zugah

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Ghanaian actress Actress Vicky Zugah has blamed the rampant fornication before marriage among the youth to churches in Ghana.

She said the pre-marital counselling process that couples-to-be are taken through, urging them to desist from any form of sexual activities somewhat complicate the whole process.

Explaining her reason, Vicky Zugah said, couples-to-be under such strict laws by the church, may involve in such sinful acts secretly because they seem curious and want to experiment to know if they will be able to conceive when they get married.

Discussing church’s laws concerning pre marital counselling, she added that, other couples-to-be after knowing their reproductive status will opt to abort the pregnancy prior to their marriage to outwit their church counsellors.

“Some of the laws which have been enforced by these churches are just too much sometimes. Some of the laws somewhat pave way for sins… You tell couples to-be not to engage in sexual activities but most of these partners to-be are so anxious and wanting to really know themselves well so they will rather fornicate secretly and that is what God dislikes,” Vicky Zugah told Angel TV host.


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