Mark: The pride of Idoma.

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Apochi Edowobielang Gabriel, Wrote:
Let me start by saying that I am a member of the All progressives party (APC). I worked for President Mohammud Buhuri, in 2015 more than any youth of my age in Idoma land. I did that not because I was expecting any position or material gain from him. I actually wanted a better Nigeria. A Nigeria where people will be given equal opportunity. A Nigeria where the future of the youths is guaranteed and protected. A Nigeria where the security of lives and properties is guaranteed.
I wanted a Nigeria where people are free to worship whatever or whoever they chose to worship any where and any timeI did that because I wanted a Nigeria where people get whatever by merit and not by sentiment. I did it because I wanted a Nigeria that we can call our country.

In the build up to the 2019 elections friend asked me this question; ” will you vote for Buhari in the forthcoming election? ” My answer was “it depends.” Again he asked; ” it depends on what?” My answer was “it depends on who is contesting with him. I said that because I was ready to cast my vote for the best candidate in any of the forthcoming elections. I am not ready to be blindfolded by party line or whatever nonsense any of our political peddlers are ready to hawk in the political market.

While some of us think that politics is all about governance others see it as business and they are ready to do anything to market their wares. You can imagine the gale of defection in recent time and how they did it without recourse the followers. Anyway let that not suck my energy at this point that I have something serious to say.

As I struggle through volumes of opinions in the media pages about D Mark I am forced to lend my voice to the discussion for the sake of the unborn generation and rhe the Idoma nation. Let me start by saying that the Idoma nation has just one senator among the 109 senators in the red chamber. His Excellency Distinguished senator David Mark has been occupying that seat for the past 19 years. Out of the 19 years he served as senate president for 8 years. Record has it that the senate was never as stable at any other time as it was during his reign as senate president.
How did he manage to become the Senate president as a lone senatorator among 109 senators who are irretrievably divided along ethnic lines. How was he able to retain the position for two terms without any threat of impeachment or removal? This proves to me that he is a worthy son of the the Idoma nation. Akume, in 2007, did everthing to deprive the Idoma nation the chance of a senate president by deploying state resources and might to stop D Mark but Mark outsmarted him. Don’t you think that alone deserves our honour and praise for him?

The result of the senate presidency can never be overemphasized. It produced Prof. Idoko, DG NACA, Prof Ujah, DG NIMR, Dr. Oyigeya, CMD FMC Markurdi and Comrade (Chief) Abba Moro, minister ministry of interior among others. You be the judge and give your verdict Mark did not construct our Otukpo road seems to be the mantra in the mouth of everybody. What Mark did not do is what we complain about. No one ever tell what he did. We have forgotten that the road through Oweto came through him. We have forgotten that the college of medicine came through him. We have forgotten that the road between otukpo and Ugbokolo came through him.

We try to measure his performance by the instrument used for measuring the executive arm of the government whereas he is in the legislature. In other climes the performance of a legislator is measured by his vote on issues in the chamber and not project execution. The duty of the legislator is to ensure that his constituency is captured correctly in the budget. He has no power to execute and cannot be held responsible for failure in execution. Isn’t the Oweto road a big accomplishment to be commended?
In 2010, our democracy was on the verge of collapse, Mark invented the ‘Doctrine of Necessity’ to save it. Isn’t that ingenuity? Akume who is like the biblical Haman to the Idoma people was humbled by D Mark. In 2007 Akume played the Idoma political elites against to the point that our foundation was shaking as a people. Today that same Akume is presenting himself as our Messiah. Isn’t that despicable?
Time and space will not allow me to write about D Mark but he is our hero and should be celebrated. I am not saying everybody must vote for him but nobody should insult his reputation. In my sincere mind I think the viable alternative to Buhari has come. I am not saying this because he is an Idoma man or Christian but because he has capacity to do the job. Vote individuals this time and not party.


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