MASLOC saga: Names and pictures of defaulting MPs to be out soon

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The names and pictures of Members of Parliament who bought their vehicles on loan and have failed to pay back after several years will by the third week of October see their names and pictures published in the dailies across the country, the Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Microfinance and Small Loans Centre (MASLOC), Alberta Afia Akoto has hinted.

According to her, not only will the names be published in the dailies but pictures of the MPs will be circulated and posted in their various constituencies and districts for the public to be aware of the people trying to mismanage the resources of the country.

Speaking to GhanaWeb in an exclusive interview, the Deputy CEO indicated that MASLOC will not be influenced by the social status or political colour of a person before names and pictures of them are brought out to the public domain.

She stressed the “we are not looking at people per their status. Some members of parliament are involved, we’ve written to them, we are going to publish their names in the dailies very soon and my set target is third week in October. We going to put out the names depending on their loan portfolios, the sizes and we will make sure after publishing them in the dailies, we will put them in their districts with their pictures, with their guarantors pictures, so that Ghanaians will know that you are just in there to let the country go down in the drain”.

“The fact that you are a Member of Parliament doesn’t mean that if you pick MASLOC loan, we can’t come after you. We are going all out and we are not looking at party colours, we are not looking at anything”, she said.

However, her office has since given the involved MPs an ultimatum to repay, failure of which her outfit would publish their names in the dailies.

About 350 cars mostly taxis have been confiscated from individuals and groups who failed to repay loans they contracted from them.

According to her, the contracts they had with defaulters who have never paid a dime in the past years has been sent to the Office of the Attorney General for legal action to be taken against them.


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