Mob action characteristic of an uncivilized society-Deputy Ashanti police commander.

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The Deputy Police Commander of the Ashanti Region ACP Ampofo Duku claims that the mob actions that is rife in Ghana lately is characteristic of an uncivilized society. He was not happy with the current development and called on the media and other stake holders to intensify the education on the human rights of the citizens of the country. He made this comment in an interview with Korsi Asiseh the morning show host of Daybreak Kapital on Kapital Radio 97.1FM.

The police commander was of the opinion that in any civilized society residents hand suspects over to the police for further investigation. When he was asked if he felt this could be linked to lack of confidence in the police and may also have political undertone. He debunked the notion that the public have lost confidence in the police. His reason was that the law courts are dealing with a lot of cases. His logic is that if the public didn’t have confidence in the police they would not be lodging complaints with the security outfit.

He cited examples of a police who was mistaken for an armed robber whilst escorting a vehicle and beaten severely and was lucky to have escaped death which occurred in August Last year. He also cited two deaths that occurred in the region the previous day due to mob action. Based on these cases he doubted if these mob actions had any political undertones.

He revealed that getting hold of the perpetrators of mob actions are extremely difficult because most of the times the witnesses shy away from the police.

In the same vein the former commissioner for the Commission for human right and administrative justice Francis Emile Short also appealed to the media, CHRAG, NCCE and all the stake holders to intensify education to sensitize the public not to resort to mob action but must report all suspected persons to the appropriate authorizes for necessary the further  investigation.

This call has come in the wake of the gruesome murder of the soldier Captain Maxwell Mahamma who was lynched by a mob who mistook him for an armed robber in the central region. A sad event which has received  condemnation from Ghanaians and the international community.

Source: Daybreak Kapital

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