Mobile Money fraud: Blame low public education- Anyan-Mensah

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Technical Director with Getters Telecommunication Limited has said telecom companies in the country must step up their monitoring and supervisory roles in tracking fraudsters who are taking undue advantage to dupe innocent subscribers.

According to Bernard Anyan-Mensah, the increasing activities of fraudsters in Ghana could be attributed to low public education on the part of the National Communication Authority (NCA), the Telcos and the Police administration.

He called all Telcos to establish an e-Crime unit at their offices which will not only take complaints from subscribers, but will also build up on the cases and hand over to the police for arrest.

“The public education is also very key because these numbers that are used to commit fraud are just registered numbers across. People send fake messages and then you have other people who will crack the message in a way that is coming from MTN and they follow up with a call to make certain demands. Some users report this to the Telcos, but how do you check this?, because the user has got the SMS, you are the owner of the system, you can easily trace and find out that where that particular message originated from. And with the sort of technology they have, they can always triangulate and know the exact SIM numbers and the location where that message emanated from and then inform the police to track these people down. But we have not seen that, public education is very low. In terms of arresting these guys has not been very good we don’t hear of it once a while you hear the police getting people, but I think they have to do more.”

There has been an increased activities of fraudsters who swindle unsuspecting customers through Mobile Money transactions.

Some unknown persons have been engaging in Mobile Money fraud where they send blank messages to their target victims with the intention of getting them to revert monies from their own accounts to them.

There is wide spread public condemnation of the practice and a call on the telecommunication operators to ensure the concerns of subscribers are addressed.

Mr Anyan-Mensah called on the cyber unit of the Ghana Police Service to collaborate effectively with the Telcos to help locate and arrest these suspects.

He urged the citizenry to put pressure on the Government to ensure mechanisms are in place to help save them from the activities fraudsters.

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