The muted Ignorance of the African Atheist

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The Western world has controlled the world by many means from brute force to spread of “ideas and beliefs” and “science”. Any Black man who takes any of these and does not interrogate them and modify them to suit his culture becomes a victim to another control system thinking he’s escape control. I can mention “salvation” as sold by Islam and Christianity; “development” and “globalisation” as concepts; feminism, democracy etc as constructs. The new craze is ATHEISM! It basically means THE HEADMASTER IS MEAN, HIS EXISTENCE CAN’T BE PROVEN AND HIS SCHOOL IS BOGUS SO THERE IS NO EDUCATION! NO deity, No spirituality.

1. Many Atheists in Africa are eloquent but don’t know what it is. They however assume whoever has problem with it is ignorant of it, but the dictionaries they referred me to are here to expose them.

The Mariam-Webster dictionary, supported by the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary and the Macmillan English Dictionary, defines ATHEISM as “(a) a disbelief in the existence of deity; (b) a doctrine that there is no deity”
#NB: It’s not a disbelief in some gods. No relativism here.

What is DOCTRINE? It is “a set of ideas or belief that are taught or believed to be true”.

So my Atheist brother is just in a other ‘belief construct’ he believes to be true. He has NO proof just like the Muslim or Christian of what he ‘BELIEFS IN DENIAL’. His Prophets and Apostles are European thinkers and Scientists and he is adherent of what they said just like others follow what some Arabians and Europeans claimed to have experienced. Charles Darwin is to this new belief system as Jesus is to Christianity, Mohammed is to Islam, Zoroaster is to Zorasters, Buddha is to Buddhism etc. The writings of Darwin and other are to him what the “sacred texts” are to others. The creationist has never witnessed creation and the Evolutionists has never witnessed one before; they are all believers constantly scavenging for what they can flag as “we have proof!”

2. They have also constructed delusional universalism for atheism, just like Christian and Muslim religions did, and when questioned they demand for poof that Atheism is a Western construct like you claim? The dictionaries are proof it’s another Western belief system because we didn’t write those books. But if you claim it’s some default universal thing then GIVE US THE GA/Akan/Dagomba/Manprusi/kSwahili/Hausa/Krio words for it to prove it’s not A STRANGE concept to your people. Let’s face it, we just love changing our shackles and pretend we love to be free.

ATHEISTS NOW HAVE ASSOCIATIONS/GROUPS AND MEETINGS. Christianity and Islam started in same way!! My friend, I known where Synagogue and upper room meetings ended! I know how the desert meetings and makaranta ended!

3. Just like Christians they are gradually mutating the concept into an inescapable net -“WE ALL”
They now claim “…we are all atheist of varying degrees. If you disbelieve in thee Jewish god, you are atheist with respect to that god”. They have reached delusional level just like the Christians now contesting that “Christianity is not a religion but a way of life” as if religion religion is a way of sleep.
TELL THEM THEY NEED HELP!! Give Them the blueprint for the English LANGUAGE -Dictionary, Specifically the definition above.

4. Many also have the same mentality of the Africans in organised religions: If you say anything against Atheism then you don’t know anything about it; it’s an infallible truth everyone must understand is superior! Is it not the same ‘concrete’ mentality we find with Religious people here?

5. And just like the Religious man, the Atheist thinks you talking about Atheism, HIS NEWFOUND BELIEF SYSTEM (check dictionary meaning), is you promoting another “myths and fable” system -Indigenous African way of life and world view. The invention of an inescapable two-way paths -it’s either left or right- is religious propaganda.

6. “Atheism is a science!”, they will scream exposing their Religious’ commitment to the imagined infallibility of science. SCIENCE HAS KILLED MORE PEOPLE ON HUMAN THAN ORGANISED RELIGION AND THEIR GODS HAVE, my brother.

7. Atheists appropriate Science as their (infallible) validator and are quick to say “macro evolution is presumed to take place over millions of years so fossil and DNA evidence is what holds the theory together”. Let me remind you that YOU ARE STILL CHALLENGING ANOTHER WESTERN CONCEPT, CREATIONISM, and not African one! That’s what I want you to know.

But come to think of it, how was this conclusion reached? By electronic gadgets. Made by who? By same humans. HOW DIFFERENT IT THAT FROM THE MUSLIM OR CHRISTIAN WHO QUOTES FROM THE QURAN OR BIBLE WHEN ASKED FOR EVIDENCE HIS DEITY EXISTS?!!

There is a problem we are scared of addressing. Slave John left his Master Mr. Kelvin and went to another plantation owned by Mr. Kalister to work on his plantation.

The historically literate African wouldn’t be enthused about this new craze for we know Europeans keep inventing and discarding BELIEFS.


Written by Abeku Adams

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