Until Nana Addo can drink from Birim river, galamsey fight is not over – Ashigbey to media

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“For me the ultimate will be for Nana Addo who is somebody from Okyeman to be able to put calabash into the Birim again and drink it, that is when we’ll call it achievement”, that’s from the Convener of Media Coalition Against Illegal Mining, Ken Ashigbey who was reacting to a congratulatory message for how keen his coalition and the media in general have been in the fight against the illegal mining [galamsey]  menace.

According to Mr Ashigbey, the goal of the media “should be the fact that we will wake up and all our water bodies are clean and forest reserves and forest areas that have been desecrated have been restored, the poisoning of our water that is affecting us, the mercury poisoning and the cyanide poisoning, our colleagues that die in these pits have stopped”.

“We should not be satisfied so quickly as if we have really achieved what we set out to be.” He opined.

Hence he has cautioned stakeholders in the fight against illegal mining not to be in a haste to jubilate as the fight is not over yet.

Mr. Ashigbey who is also the Managing Director of Graphic Communications Group Limited said the media should rather push to bring out evidence that will help in the naming and shaming of persons purported by the Bureau of National Investigations as being among galamsey kingpins.

“The various media organisations like Kapital Radio we’ve all seen the BNI report that has been intercepted by the media,  there are names that have been put out there what are doing?” He queried.

The Convenor who was speaking on the May 10 edition of Daybreak Kapital, urged the media to follow up on stories and “do investigative stories and let’s bring out the people who are doing these things because one of the major objectives of this   media coalition against galamsey is to name and shame and probably push for jail term.., so we really need to push to ensure that we can get the galamsey out.., the so called big fishes that are behind them make sure we name and shame them and push the law enforcement agencies to ensure that we get prosecution.”

“So we have just begun this battle and for us the media we need to sustain it, we need a sustained effort.”

Suraya Alidu Malititi | kapital971.com

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