Nana Addo must debate Prez Mahama

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There has to be a way in which we can get the two main presidential candidates into a debate. This is not about mimicking what is happening in other places like the US. It is about assessing real choices. Some indigenous NGO should take up the challenge and invite President Mahama and Akuffo Addo to a debate. One of these will be the next President come January 2017.

While there is little to choose between the two parties when it comes to the economy (as I keep saying the NDC and the NPP are simply two sides of the same ineffective coin: only the Nkrumaists can save Ghana), it matters who leads the country in terms of uniting us.

Frankly speaking, I am very worried about Akuffo Addo’s ability to unite us and I wanted to hear more of what he has to say about that. The opposition leader has, to say the least, been a controversial, divisive leader even in his own party. I am therefore worried about how he would fare as President.

Despite all the charges of incompetence in running the economy President Mahama has held the country together much better than most of his predecessors. He has allowed freedom of speech to develop very well. Under his government hardly anyone has been tortured or incarcerated because of their political views.

I would have liked the two candidates to face off so that we can gauge who is more personable and who is more of a unifier.

Even if the two refuse to debate Ghanaians should still find ways to raise the issue of who can better unify the country in the next four years.


Written by Adams Bodomo

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