National Identification Authority: ID Cards to be issued 10mins after application

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The National Identification Authority, NIA has said it is working on a plan to ensure Ghanaians are issued with the proposed Ghana National Identity Cards (ID Cards) 10minutes after application.

The NIA says it will start issuing out the cards from September 15, 2017.

According to the authority, processes are far advanced, hence upon inception; applicants could receive their cards, 10minutes after applying.

The issuance of the National ID cards has always been one of the priorities of the Nana Addo led  government because; it believes it is a way of ensuring the system works enough to develop the economy.

Four committees were set up to analyze the various processes required to set the ID system and they have presented their findings to his Excellency the president, Nana Akufo Addo.

Executive Secretary of the NIA, Prof Ken Attefuah says they “want to implement an instant issuance system,  card  issuance system, you register with us  within ten minutes maximum, you get a card and walk away.”

He however admits, “There may be areas in this country where internet connectivity may be a challenge, stating that. “In such a location or localities there will be deferred print”, where the issuance of the cards may take a “day or couple of days in such circumstances, defer printing may be inevitable so there are options”

He indicated that all hands are on deck to ensure the 15th September date set will work out, adding that the technical committee is working assiduously to map up “this country in color coded”, in terms of data connectivity,  availability of data at different points or different parts of the country so they can identify possible areas with connectivity problems.

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