‘We never promised a lean government’ – Mustapha Hamid

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“We never promised a lean government, no where did we ever promise a lean government”, that’s according to the  Information Minister, Mustapha Hamid.

He was responding to criticisms on the appointment made by the Nana Addo led government into ministerial positions.

President Akufo-Addo, yesterday submitted the names of 54 persons to Parliament for approval as Ministers of State and Deputy Ministers.

The is list made up of 20 Regional Ministers and their Deputies, 40 ministers for various ministries, with 50 deputies and some ministers of state as well.

This makes the number of ministers and deputy ministers to serve in the Nana Addo led government a 110, the highest in the country’s history and it has sparked a very heated public debate both on mainstream and social media networks , with many arguing that it is a sheer waste of resources, especially when it [the government] laments that the State is broke.

But addressing the press, Wednesday[March 15],  Mustapha Hamid said “is not the leanness or bigness of a government that determines its output and its ultimate performance.”

According to him, the country has had “governments that are smaller, that have landed this country in debt and bigger mess than governments that have had bigger minsters.”

“For example the Kufuor government apart from this Akufo Addo government would have been  the government that had the biggest number of ministers and deputy ministers but everybody knows president Kufour’s record  in this country.” He added.

He lashed out at the NDC , saying they came after President Kufour and “created all the financial mess that we have on our hands which we are still dealing with” as a country even with their “smaller governments.”

The information minister who doubles as spokesperson to the president opined that the NPP people are honest people with integrity who will do things as things are ought to be done.

Suraya Alidu Malititi | kapital971.com

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