No galamsey at Manso Abodom-Assemblyman

    /    Sep 22, 2017   /     Ashanti, NewsBreak  /    Comments are closed  /    204 Views
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The assembly man for Manso Abodom in the Amansie West district of the Ashanti Mr. Paul Kusi has disputed claims that, galamsey operators are still mining in his area.

In an interview with Lily Ampofoa Prekoh on What’s Trending Friday, Mr. Paul Kusi said “the story is totally false. It is not true some people are mining here”.

“Even about 3, 4 months ago our MP also raised the same allegation had that some people have called him that some Chinese people are mining here”.

He indicated, the allegations made them patrol the area and found nothing of that sort in the area. In his view, it will be difficult for that to happen due to the presence of the Operation Vanguard in the area.

He said, “about 5 days ago, I and Nananom went for a patrol in my area to check whether such thing is going on because the chief of my area serves Otumfuo direct so he doesn’t want anything to go against him. So we went round to check whether such things are happening. We found nothing of that nature even the indigenes, the community members none of them is into galamsey in my electoral area. So the fact is that, the story is totally false and I don’t know how the story came about”.

When asked why people would think otherwise, he said “that is what I am thinking of but what I am thinking now is that, one, recently there is a Chinese man who when the government put a ban on galamsey, he was moving all his equipment and he left some with me that I should find a security to watch for him he will come for it later”.

He further specified that some people came for the equipment and left him some money to be given to the Chinese man. According to him, the Chinese man came for his money and his remaining engines. To him, he believes the people were suspecting him of doing illegal mining when they saw him with the Chinese man.

Source: Nana Asabere &Lily Ampofoa Annor

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