We did not vandalize our party office nor are we at war with our PC- Bosumtwe NDC executives

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Executives of the ruling National Democratic Congress, NDC, in the Bosumtwe Constituency of the Ashanti Region, have debunked allegations going round that they have protested against their parliamentary candidate, Madam Veronica Antwi Agyei, and as a result have also vandalized their Party’s office.

The news which broke on social media on Sunday evening was amplified when Kumasi based Hello Fm, announced on its morning show that, executives of the NDC in the Bosumtwe Constituency are protesting against their elected PC and as results have vandalized the party’s office and also have succeeded in destroying some valuable properties belonging to the party.

The report went on to state that, the NDC’s parliamentary candidate who’s currently the District Chief Executive for the Bosumtwe District, Madam Veronica Antwi Agyei has been campaigning for herself and that of NPP’s Flagbearer, Nana Addo Danquah Akuffo Addo.

Meanwhile Kapital News visited the Constituency office of the NDC and interacted with some of the executives of the party including the parliamentary candidate for the area, who have debunked these allegations, wholeheartedly.

Speaking to Kapital News, Constituency chairman of the NDC, Hon. Emmanuel Anokye DeGraft indicated that nothing of that sort has happened at their party’s head office and therefore those allegations should be treated with the contempt it deserves.

Hon. DeGraft Anokye, further indicated that, the party is resolute despite allegations and calculated attempts by the NPP to disrupt their campaign going into Wednesday’s polls.

“I just don’t understand why someone will fabricate such a story to undermine the good work our DCE and President Mahama are doing for Bosumtwe and Ghana at large. Let me state clearly that, nothing, and i repeat nothing, has happened here in Bosumtwe, and as you see, we have met to plan for our party. I hope you can attest for yourself, have you seen any form attacks or chaos at this office? is it not chairs we are sitting on? Master, let’s rubbish it, because for we the NDC, we are ever ready to secure victory for Mad. Veronica Antwi Agyei and President Mahama. I am really suspecting our opponent the NPP, to be behind this calculated plot. But trust me, it won’t work”. DeGraft Anokye explained.

Ghana is gearing up for yet another crucial elections come Wednesday’s December 7, to elect a president and various parliamentary candidates to steer the affairs of the country for another four years.

Pockets of chaotic scenes, misunderstandings, allegations as well as counter allegations have come up across the country, with majority of them, been recorded in the Ashanti region.

Stakeholders including the Electoral Commission, various security agencies amongst others have also expressed their readiness ahead of Wednesday’s polls.

Source: Precious Adusi Poku| kapital971.com

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