One Zone, One Ambulance -NPP Aspirant Promises Electorates

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Parliamentary candidate of the Opposition NPP in the Bongo Constituency, Gabriel Ade Agana has promised the people of Bongo one ambulance for each of the political zones in the constituency if voted as the Member of Parliament in the upcoming elections.

He made this promise when he was addressing party faithful in Feo, a border community to Burkina Faso of  Bongo Saturday during the commissioning of a party office in that zone.

Bongo constituency has 10 political zones and has challenges with quality health care delivery and patients are normally transported on tricycles popularly known as ‘Motor King’ through the bumpy and inaccessible road network to the district hospital.

Mr. Agana’s pledge came from the backdrop that the Bongo District hospital has been without an ambulance for over a decade and staff have to use their own cars in transferring emergency cases to the regional capital, Bolgatanga.

He stated emphatically that within the first month of his tenure in office as the MP for Bongo, he would provide an ambulance for the District hospital and by the end of his four years mandate he would have provided all the 10 political zones with ambulances to enhance quality health care delivery.

“if you vote for me to win this elections, I will provide an ambulance for the district hospital in my first month as an MP…write it down that if the party and I win this election, I will provide an ambulance for the District hospital and by the time my four years tenure in office, I will give one ambulance to each of the zones in Bongo’’ he stated

He also assured that within his three months in office as an MP, he would make sure that the communities which are not connected to the national grid are hooked. Mr. Agana therefore admonished the constituents to vote against the NDC Parliamentary Candidate, Edward Bawa and his party because they have failed the people of Bongo.

NPP is in the race with the NDC, PPP and CPP in the upcoming elections and all contestants are new faces.

The Bongo Constituency has been a safe seat for the ruling NDC until the incumbent MP, Hon. Albert Abongo retired from this seat for a new candidate, Edward Bawa. However, the chance of the NDC winning the seat is murkier as most strong aggrieved NDC card bearing members have vowed to vote ‘skirt and blouse’.

Meanwhile, the NDC has not had less than 67% in the presidential slot since 1992 but the NPP is gradually appreciated in the 2012 general elections where their Parliamentary Candidate, Diana Abuureya garnered a little over 11,000 as against over 18,000 to Hon. Albert Abongo and the PNC, Kofi Nsoh had 6,000 votes.

Bongo has a voting population of over 40,000 as at 2012 and is expected to increase in the 2016 elections as new voters have been registered in the electoral register.

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